Music and the Pandemic

I suggest a special thread, and I’ll pin it for myself (remember, you can un-pin for yourself.)

The last year and a half has been tough for musicians because many or most of their traditional ways of making music for public consumption have been curtailed. Yet, many of them have refused to be silenced, and they’ve found new ways of sharing stuff online.

I’ll be posting some examples that have been especially nurturing to me during this time, and I also express a hope that some of these sharing modalities will continue after things open back up. They can be more intimate, more personal.

I don’t intend this to be my personal thread. Please participate.

Norah, did several from her NYC Apartment, usually solo a couple with some back up

I missed this one with her homie Sasha Dobson, Meow!

Billy Joe Armstrong and my old squeeze Susanna Hoffs

Jorma has quite a series of Concerts from his furpeace ranch, mostly solo, some with friends, this one he has Jack stop by and they plug in…