My current candidate for a home defense weapon:

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Taurus Judge Magnum, 3" barrel

Not small, but not too heavy. 5 round cylinder, mix and match the .45 Long Colt which you can handload to any power level you want, with any defensive frangible bullet you choose, or choose the .410 shotshell up to a 3" length which will give you 4 or 5 pellets of # 000 buckshot. The .45 LC doesn’t have quite the ballistics of the .44 Mag but you won’t be doing long range target shooting with this piece.

Blue steel, about $420…stainless, a hunnert bucks more. Kinda big to carry unless ya got good leather and some extra padding around the tummy, but fits nicely under yer pillow.

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Go with the blued: won’t reflect in a darkened situation.

Either single or double.

I have forgotten more than I ever knew about shotguns, but I was thinking if you went with the .410 option for cqc wouldn’t a very fine sand like pellet be better? I know the buckshot will fck em up, just thinking a finer pellet would get a wider spray, yes?

Yeah, I’m not a buckshot guy. Probably would go for #4 or #2 shot.

I can’t do revolvers, I barely do pistols… It might just be my familiarity with the AR platform that pushed me to it, but I have a 7.5" 300blk AR “pistol”, and I don’t think I’d need anything else.

Very similar to this

FYI, 300blk is basically a 7.62 bullet put onto a 5.56 casing, thus the only difference between a 300blk and 5.56 AR is the barrel. Magazines, bolt, receiver etc all interchangeable.

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So, a 7.62 x 35 more or less?
Would be interesting to run a few rounds thru it plinking. What does store bought ammo cost?

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Yes, 7.62x35 IOW.

Around $1.8-2/round right now, largely caused by our political socio-economic climate.

I remember it being about 1.5x the cost of 5.56, which is at around $1.20-1.5/round at the moment.

It’s not badly priced when the world isn’t fucky.

I was just recently thinking about something like this.

Due to a recent misunderstanding with one of my fine neighbors…if I catch that motherfucker outside at night…there could be contusions.and lacerations. Prolly not, but I am still in vent mode, a bit. No one lets their dog attack mine and then calls the cops because my dog damn near killed yours while defending me.


I’ve sorta decided on just getting a second carry pistol so there’s one on each floor of the apartment. I’ve traditionally not been a revolver guy, either.

On an unrelated tangent though, had thought about a pistol caliber carbine of some sort in order to have a hundred yard capability if things get shitty in the neighborhood, but (rather impractically) am now looking at a 14" Contender pistol in 7x30 Waters, basically a light 7mm bullet on a 30-30 case and NOT subsonic at all.

I know, it’s impossibly Old Skool but then I’m an Old Fart.

Reminds me of the French dudes with a scope on their .357s


I’ve never owned a pistol. Nor have I worried about home invasion. Is it truly that dangerous in Merica?

Not for most of us. Unless you are in school or at a movie theater or outdoor concert event or attending a Church service, or in a meeting at work etc

You won’t need it until you do, and since the Police have repeatedly said it’s not their responsibility to protect you, I find it foolish not to own a firearm if you’re legally allowed to.
Obviously everyone’s circumstances and interests are different, it’s like a 5th or 6th hobby of mine. I highly doubt I’ll ever have to deal with an intruder.

I live in country with heavy gun control laws. I rather prefer it. Of all of my friends, one has a pellet gun. The guns the police pack look old and non functional. Crimes here are petty crimes, committed without a gun. Guaro is more important

Yes, I recall that about your adopted country (which I haven’t seen in 35 years.) There just wasn’t a gun culture at all. Also no standing army, as the country chose instead to live under Uncle Sam’s coattails. No military budget, and hence excellent social programs. I thought it was enviable, since Uncle Sam’s relative hegemony in that part of the world makes it silly to militarize a country.

I believe it’s an almost a perfect situation. Social Democracy. Looks like the US is charging towards the same right now.

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