Napa California Weed Buys

Just reupped… Less than $100 for 5 eighths delivered…

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Just be careful, being able to walk into a regular store and buy the marijuanas, doesn’t mean it isn’t the devils lettuce.

0% CBD in those?

“Flower” that us stoners smoke usually has very little to no cbd, and hopefully not too much round up either.

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Yeah 0 percent CBD but 20+ percent THC.

Street deal in Vallejo… $50 smells amazing!

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So I guess the place we bought our weed at yesterday is notorious for drug dealing, gangs, etc. Magazine Street in Vallejo…

Did you purchase your weed from a “nigga”?

Our Vallejo Nigga hooked up with his Vallejo Nigga at one of the places in the vid. I thought it seemed like a sketchy neighborhood.

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From up in the Mendo area

I hope the weed biz comes up with some better packaging, something with a smaller footprint.

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Should only be sold in lbs… You should see how much we go through

It’s a party tonight

1 Like delivery service, we order often…

$50 for a 1/2 oz of preground weed… Not bad stuff

Don’t know how much this was but it’s nice…

Valentine’s Day flowers, amazing strain called Forbidden Fruit, organic grown, sweet deal, cherry pie x tangie…

^^^ this is one of those strains that could change the world… 4.7 out of 5 stars on Leafly…

$100 of cookies off the street in Vallejo :grin:

Another batch of cookies from Vallejo, maybe the frostiest yet, with some very purple hues, nice deal too…

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Here’s a couple more photos of that last batch… no filters or anything… most bright purple stuff I’ve seen.

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That is a lot of purp.