NBC poll: Is American Society Racist

No huge surprises but some interesting data

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Once upon a time…. I called it on an obscure forum far far away that Disney (worth 182.55 billion) was not going to take it:

As for LGBTQ ~ straight culture is shoved down their throat in every book, movie, show, okay and etc and no one bats an eye? (Disney movies are the perfect example). Heterosexuality is engrained in our culture but the minute we expand on that to let queer kids know there are other options out there, people start imploding? People are acting like teachers are saying “BE GAY OR ELSE”?

It’s educating kids from an early age that there are other forms of expression and ways to love, in the same way they are educated about heterosexuality. Laws like this continue the trope that queerness is something that needs to be hidden or not discussed. Laws like this will no doubt lead queer children to commit harm to themselves because they don’t have an option to be who the really are…. especially if the come from an unsupportive home and school is the only place they can be themselves.

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