'Negative polls are fake news'

That’s really a big part of the problem…Trump is full of shit.

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"If the President says it, then it’s not a lie. FAMOUS REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT

Can’t you impeach a president for telling porky pies?

Okay…in all seriousness…I’d like to hear how Republican/Trump supporters rationalise Trump saying all negative polls are bullshit.

Only when it concerns oral sex between consenting heterosexual adults.

I’m sorry but I don’t understand.

You come visit me in Chicago next election day too. I will show you what you already know to be true as well.

I think you should publish your proofs. Peddle it at Breitbart or the Daily Mail if no reputable news outlets bite.

After badgering Bill Clinton almost form the moment he was first inaugurated pulling multiple bullshit allegations out of their azzes, bill lied about getting a blow job from an intern and was impeached for it. And acquitted on all bullshit charges.

So how many times did you voat then, Holliday?

Link to evidence and not just Tinyhands’ hysterical claims. Thank you in advance for being an adult.

This is what I am seriously failing to grok. Trump is a known and exposed liar. Why the hell would anyone believe a word that comes out of his mouth?

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They feel safe when their authoritarian Daddy bullies others and tells them what to think. They’re fucking brain dead.

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I think something went terribly wrong during the Y2K thing, and we slipped a dimension and now find ourselves in the Bizarro world.


I’ve been getting flack lately for saying I am triggered by Trump. It’s not Trump. It’s the stupidity. I have a low tolerance for it and America is drowning in it at the moment.

It’s a sad sight to behold.

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Link me to the evidence that Al Franken’s “election” was completely on the up and up?

Oh, and Christine Gregoire’s too …

Er, and Luis Guttierezz … and Dickie Durban … wait, there’s more …


What are you saying Reggie,are you saying you find it hard to believe a TV actor can get elected to high office?

I think I am too smart for Reggie. He won’t answer most of my questions :frowning:

He is dancing hard around your points.

He won’t even invite me to Chicago.

What a jerk!

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