New taxes

What’s up with the IRS wanting to tax transactions at over $600 on shit that’s already been taxed several times, and forcing apps to charge it?

Why are Democrats so tax happy :man_shrugging:

You’re saying business income shouldn’t be taxed?

Religion is Tax Free Wabbit, like Helloo!

Think of it this way Wabbit, if a bag of carots costs $1.00 and the government causes that bag of carrots to cost $1.50 the business will then, out of necessity, start charging the consumer .50 cents more per bag of carrots. So, you see, when you tax the producers you are actually taxing the consumer. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hope this helps.

I am not sure, but it is probably just a sneaky way to force people to report transactions over $600.

Nope, not really on topic.

I’m all for the rich paying their fair share,

But this will hurt small business.

Also, why the fuck does the government need to pray into my bank account and why do I need to pay taxes on an item I’m buying off Craigslist?

I’m not exactly wealthy, but now the government wants people to pay taxes on shit that’s already been taxed multiple times. Why should have to report those sales?

It’s almost as if the powers at be weren’t corrupt or didn’t squander money on pet projects that we wouldn’t need to raise taxes.

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I don’t know about other states, but in IL the sales tax is a state tax which in its original enactment was called RETAILERS’ OCCUPATION TAX. Yes, it was a tax on retailers, not on buyers.

Of course, if you cross the bridge into KY or MO to get cheaper items the IL dept of revenue will want YOU to pay the sales tax since it can’t collect it from a retailer in another state. Courts have permitted this because everybody is petting the same dog except for the taxpayers.

And of course, the state revenue code calls for you to voluntarily declare and pay tax on any out of state purchases it may not know about, but it is somehow able to pry into your affairs electronically and check your bank and your plastic, so you’d better use cash for such purchases.

Ah yes, now that the Joe in charge gets to see into our bank and all transactions…

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Are you suggesting that taxpaying should be entirely dependent upon the honor system?

I’m saying my pay stubs and receipts should suffice.

Peering into my bank account is a gross invasion of privacy.

I can just picture it… selling a car… and the government asking where it’s money is. Money that was taxed everytime it’s traded hands. Atleast twice since the individual was paid.

If people wrote a check out for taxes every year instead of it being casually deducted- they’d be appalled.

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As long as you’re ok with pay stubs and receipts being the government’s business.

They already are…

Of course they are, I’m saying you’re ok with that, clearly.

Yes, I’m okay with them seeing my paycheck and what I buy. No, I’m not okay with them seeing my bank account.
Also, it’s not like someone SEES what I buy, and I ciuld care less if someone knows how much money I make. I’m union, wages are standard across the board and easily Googleable.

I wonder why it’s been so difficult so far for the feds to get a look at…oh, say, Donald Trump’s bank records.

And there’s a reason they need to look into a bank that’s under 6 digits… why?