OOPsie...SG admins so busy flaming CBT they forgot to renew again

My browser doesn’t want me to go there cuz their certificate expired today.

Just like six months ago, actually.


I will pray for Bigly, that he finds the strength to go on living, despite his heavy burdens.

I just popped over, seems I can get in, maybe Short Stuff ip banned you, like he has threatened me with, lo these many times. I can post too, so far.

Jus nothing but a mass of insults anywho

I jus got the same message

wot browser do you use


Hey, I just got the big red exclamation point, and the warning telling this site may not be safe that it may be trying to data mine me.


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Chrome sucks

scans yer system up the ass sideways

45% of the time, it’s stone smooth.

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Hey, if you want it scanning every file on yer system have at it

FF is ten times better

I would use Opera b4 chrome


K-meleon - faster then greased lighting