Oregon may be the only stupid state left


You do what you want but when I’m off to a gala luncheon or perhaps the Opera, I’d prefer not to arrive smelling like a gas jockey.

It’s a fucking pain to wait and have someone do it and they the pay part bullshit

I hate to get gas in jersey - fucking hate it

I don’t go to the opera - only the shoppers fer food on saturday

At least for me, 99% of the time, it’s a piece of cake, once in a blue moon if I’m on the road somewhere and have to get gas and pull into a busy understaffed station, ya might have to wait a couple minutes.

Our law guys are discussing allowing rural areas to allow self serve gas, and I wouldn’t be too surprised if in a couple years Oregon to bowed to big oil and forced self service on us so big oil can make bigger bucks.

Ya still need a attendant to take money and solve problems

And yet remarkably Oregon tends to have the cheapest gas prices on the west coast.

Oregon is a socialist state no one in Oregon can read above the 3rd grade

That’s been the hurdle big oil has not been able to overcome, that’s always part of their campaign when ever it comes up, and anyone that’s traveled abroad to Washington or California or even Idaho says “hmm, we’re already cheaper than those nasty gas smelling fucks?”

And they have refineries in both Washington and California, go figure.

Here in Ankara they still wash your windshield even!

Yu can get that at any stop light on any street corner in any big city in America.

The trick is to get them to STOP washing your windshield.

Oregon begins allowing self service in some locations