Oregon weed - 6 years to get rid of it if they stop growing today


2 year old weed is gross, let alone 6

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Here’s a novel idea, they could sell it cheap instead of charging prohibition prices.

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Oregon was the most open for the little guy to get in the grow game legally, I think a commercial license was like $5k an acre.

If it wasn’t true, could they post it in the Ganjapreneur?

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I got an oz of mid grade at the store for $100 a couple weeks ago, and another one for $140 last week.

Just smoked some 30.4% THC stuff called GMO… it was very nice.

It might be a good time to sell organic food to restaurants, less competition.

Still lots of competition, I think small scale SNAP organic farming in Napa valley could be very lucrative, especially if other people let you use their land instead of buying your own

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