Outdoor weed grow 2021

I have a couple little plants about waist high I got started late… I think they’re starting to flower. I don’t smoke outdoor weed but if I get some I’ll make edibles out of it.

I started six seeds in party cups in natural sunlight and only two survived. They’re in 5 gallon nursery containers now.


Snob. LOL

Seriously, what’s wrong with it? An amature asking.

I prefer well done, pristine indoor… Outdoor weed is regs or mids at best.

Here’s some nice indoor Runtz. This goes for $12 a gram even in Oregon.



Looks like lots of tomatoes to me…

Outside the buds are more subject to the elements than a dialed in indoor grow where you maintain near perfect conditions… bugs, dust/dirt, moisture, getting beat up by the wind, overheated etc. Also people who grow outdoor for sale usually grow so much of it they can’t really get a good dry/cure so the smell and flavor is usually off. We buy lbs of outdoor at work for like $350 a lb sometimes, vs $1500 for good $10 a gram indoor. We retail oz’s of outdoor on the low end for $50 an oz.

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That appears to be quite the tomato standing off to the left, there…eyebrows1

Starting to flower