Outta curiosity.. I need your thoughts

How do you dudes feel about victimless crimes? Should they be enforced? Should they be a fee based on a percentage of your wealth? Flat dollar fee? What should the punishment be, if any?

For example…?

Personal use of marijuana? Shouldn’t be a crime at all.

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Like the Lion said, when I think of victimless crimes i think of preventing self injury*, like anti recreational drug use laws.

the rationale i think behind such laws* as in weed makes us into meth and/or heroin addicts angle.

oh and ps, I don’t think anyone is enforcing the anti-masturbation laws anymore either.

Yeah, but have you noticed all the young boys with warts on their hands.

For that matter, the case reported in 12 Southern Second 305 regarding “the abominable and detestable crime against Nature” is by now a mere historical anomaly and probably no longer one that law students find titillating or even amusing, said “crime” being oral-genital copulation.
Oddly enough, although the judgment of a lower court was affirmed, there was never any prosecution over the fact that the defendant was 76 and the two girls who had propositioned him were eleven and thirteen doesn’t seem to have raised any eyebrows.

If someone doesn’t get hurt or their property doesn’t get damaged… is it no harm no foul?