Peltier to die in answer

“The DOJ did not give a reason for Obama’s decision, but Peltier’s case is still a hot-button issue among FBI agents, who insist his conviction was deserved and who have stridently opposed all prior attempts to gain him early release.”

You realize that only a handful of currently serving FBI agents were even ON the force in 1975, do you not? We are dealing here with the FBI’s questionable Institutional Memory, inculcated into successive generations of agents, which serves only the desire of long-dead agents to cover their own asses and get revenge on some patsy, at any and all cost.


I remember that case. The injun shot that man in cold blood right in the head. He should have been executed years ago for murder.

So you say, many others disagree.

No, you evidently don’t remember it.

I do. The dead FBI agent was shot point blank in the face with Lenny Peltier’s rifle.

Doesn’t get any more cut and dried than that.

Just because the injun was some kind of “activist” and that’s a pet cause for you progressive America-haters doesn’t mean the injun didn’t do it.

OK, let say Peltier did it, just as you imagine, how long has he been in Prison in comparison to most “Life Sentence” Convicts?

Around here most murderers get out in about 10 years it looks like.

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That’s a serious charge, never proven in court beyond a reasonable doubt despite (as the FBI later admitted) it suborned perjury and falsified evidence.

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So? What’s your point? Keeping convicts alive who should have been hanged decades ago is a waste of the taxpayer’s money.

Well, I’m clearly not invested in the case as you seem to be. As I pointed out, anything injun makes the heart of a leftist who hates America and blames “whiiiiiites” for every evil in the world go ‘boom boom’.

From what I have read, Lenny was/is an extreme radical who advocated violence and spewed hate. A simple review of his life up to the point of the shootout makes it highly probable that he shot that poor young agent right in the face from point-blank range out of the hatred he had been spewing for years prior.

I say he should have been executed years ago.

Reggie you sure are a whiny lil bitch, what’s going in your life that has made you so unhappy?

I enjoy annoying progs.

What makes you think I am unhappy?

All I see you do is snivel and whine. My suggestion that a safe space thread be set up wasn’t about “Censorship” as you so hysterically misinterpreted it, but to spare your delicate feelings from reality.

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It seems to me that the one needing his delicate feelings spared is the one who calls a differing set of opinions “sniveling and whining.”


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Why speak of yourself in the 3rd person? We all know that post is about you.

Here’s a hanky.


Sorry Spoon, Sorry Leonard, The White Man’s Drum Circle Beat Goes On.

79 Yr. Old Leonard Peltier still sleeps in a prison uh huh…

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