Nice pics

I just noticed the stray I been feeding for two years has a clipped ear

TNR - always the left ear

Someone may have spaded it.

I thought the clipped ear meant “Barn Cat”?

Dat’s wot I sed - TNR - clip left ear

aaah, ok, now I see.

She’s wild as hell - took a year to get within 10 feet

Once they go feral it is almost impossible fetch them back to lap cats

I wonder if my sisters 2 cats might have been ferals, she had them for about 5 years before I ever saw either of them. very skittish.

Yeah, but were they GOOD skits, unlike that has-been show SNL? Sad!

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Don’t stare at a feral - they consider it a threat and you will never get anywhere - you look, blink, and look away