Piccies here, kids!

Apparently I’ve been overly aggressive and confrontational since joining your ranks.

So, with no controversy whatsoever, here’s some pics I’ve taken of an Australian nankeen kestrel.


Australian taipan…the world’s deadliest snake…

Australian koala…world’s deadliest bear…

Australian panda…


Indeed. Rec to that!

Nice pics!

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Nice pics, for a poofter.

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Awesome! Where in Austria do you live? I loved Vienna and Salzburg.


Remember the old Der Wiener schnitzel drive ins?

Love in a bun!

I used to work at one in San Luis Obispo.

Many years ago, the woods on the margins of the river next to my house were all bare

Lots of snakes would enter the homes of people living near the river, mostly during days that were too hot

The snakes would look for the shaded, colder spots. They would particularly enjoy the floor tiles and hide under appliances and furniture.

This one time, I came home from school, was around 12 or so I think. I was entering my bedroom after a shower and I saw something under the bed, I thought it was a sock. It was really a coral snake all rolled up. The moment I sat on the bed, it slithered from under it and it went hiding under the book shelf.

All of our snakes are in Washington DC


The most dangerous ones, that’s for sure

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Taipans are reclusive and live in remote desert areas.

Which is good, because if you’re bitten, you have about 2 minutes to make your will, kiss your family goodbye and finish off your bucket list.

All animals photographed are straight.

I checked first.


How do you know they’re not in the closet.

Koalas, taipans and nanteen kestrels are Australian, thus cannot be gay.

The pandas are in a breeding program and have been observed doing the ugly panda many times.

You don’t know what they do in the closet.

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You gave up yer guns - the whole fucking place is gay cause of that alone

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When guns are outlawed, only yer gays will have the guns. Ancient Australian Adage

Here, take my guns - I am gay anyway - LMAO

You people DISGUST me!!!