Pics of Music Infused Water

Photography of music notes in a bowl of water.


Not sure how legit this is, but it seems real


I think the D1 sharp and E1 are reversed

My brother has an expensive book somewhere and it’s all about harmonic/vibrational design is what I’d call it and it shows how all sorts of things are harmonically designed. I have no idea what the name of it is but it was really interesting. From simple things to stuff like airplanes.

Yeah, I’ve seen specific articles here and there that talk about that book. Bridge design, airplane wings, all kinds of stuff that can and will fail if you can’t guard it against harmonic vibrations.

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It looked like a lot of things are designed to resonate at a certain frequency.

Gallopoing Gertie,. the original Tacoma Narrows Bridge is said to have collapsed due to the harmonic waves generated in the span from high winds.

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The real Tesla claimed he could shake down the Brooklyn Bridge with a device no bigger then a coffee can

Harmonics - he knew

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