Portland Again Tonight

A livestream 7/20/20 10:23 pdt

That is a nice crowd for a Monday evening.


Massive crowd, historic even…

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I watched a few minutes of livestream last night, it was a impressive crowd. Trump really put the squelch it real good!

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I notice mainstream media is ignoring us again.

Not really, I saw a report on ABC Nati news last night, and 2 reports on NPR this morning.

video from last night…


I need some riot gear.

I think a white goalies mask would look awesome.

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Ended up not going tonight, going tomorrow… it’s poppin though…

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Riot ribs is back up :grin:

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Biggest crowd yet last night! Drums, moms… etc…


Mayor Ted dropped by for some of the essential pepper sauce.


With bodyguards after hiding for 50+ days… he had to leave because people were threatening him I guess…

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