Portland Again Tonight

Totally, the Navy Seal asshole who was throwing pipe bombs at protesters was bragging on social media about infiltrating “antifa” when the Fuds were going wild.

Portland Police won’t arrest him even though it’s a clear cut case. The PPB works with the Proud Boys…

Apparently the Kalamazoo Kops do too.

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Incel Boys getting chased out…


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Proud Boys downtown yesterday afternoon, they were attacking people with bear mace, grizzly adams threw a pipe bomb, shooting paintballs at them and one of them shot off two 9mm rounds. … interesting that Russian Ruptly has a proud boy cam angle which is the first I’ve seen.

Portland police will do nothing to them… they tacitly support these right wing gangs.


Not sure what all happened but a guy and woman ended up getting jumped by 7-11, the guy sped off in his truck, wrecked a couple blocks away and ended up getting beaten what looked to be very badly. Not good whatever it was all about… they’ll be playing this on national news for sure.

Savage beatings caught on film, are bad for ratings.


I’m guessing the catalyst of this whole thing was the gang of 10-20 kids who have been robbing and attacking people down there that the police have been ignoring and let go on because it makes the protests look bad.

The video I saw it appeared that they were assaulting a heavyset blonde woman and this guy got out of his truck to defend her… then hopped back in, sped off and wrecked a few blocks away where he got jumped.

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One a you crossforum tr0alls should post this “over there”.

I did!



So yeah it’s not really protesters who fucked that guy up last night, it’s that gang of kids that has been down there assaulting people for weeks that the police have been ignoring.

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Cool Summer
It’s worth noting that the kicker and others involved are from the militant group that took over Riot Ribs. They are the ones with the child army they’re feeding drugs and giving guns.

Holy shit. That’s the craziest sentence even in 2020.

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That is so sad, and it is turning the silent majority off.

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Like I and many others have said, including Trumper’s the movement has or has had wide spread appeal, but the violence and destruction are becoming booring.

Movement needs a leader a spokesperson, and a salient agenda.

I nominate @Docwhatevah,

That wasn’t the protesters, that’s the crime the police have been ignoring downtown for over 6 weeks now. I’ve mentioned it before. The police know they’ve been assaulting people and chose to let it continue. Lots of protesters have been assaulted by them.

Having a centralized leader/spokesperson just makes it easy for them to arrest/kill that supposed leader. The city officials are aware of our demands. They’ve chose to ignore them just like their police chose to ignore that gang of kids that almost killed that guy last night. He’s just the latest in a long line of people who have been jumped by them.

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Even tho, before the bandwidth goes away…I think shit needs to coalesce.

There was barely even a protest last night, those are the kids who are hanging out usually around 7-11 all the time assaulting people every day. I’m pretty sure I saw the guy who kicked the person in the head last night in a fistfight down there one afternoon and two cops just walked the other way. The fact is the police have been letting them run wild and assault people down there hoping it would be blamed on protesters. But who’s really to blame?