Portland Again Tonight

Another free concert tonight! lol


I hope everybody is having fun.

One of the best moments the other night was when a honking car with four Muslim women drove by smiling and holding their fists up outside the window. It was the most alive I’ve ever seen Muslim women who wear the traditional dress.

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Hopped the train, headed downtown…

Looks pretty mellow right now, anyone yelling or shouting, or any heavily armed Real Americans?

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it was pretty mellow, just a lot of chanting, got some good video footage, left before the cops caused chaos. They were blinding the crowd with some super bright lights and had some sort of low frequency subsonic weapon going.


From Friday night on Morrison Bridge, then last night at the Justice Center… there was an old guy in a helmet playing guitar through it all lol…


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@Billdo the teevee showed footage of at least a couple hundred looters occupying I84 aka the Banfield freeway, aka Sullivan’s Gulch. Near the Loyd Center.exit (Eastside getting very close , maybe 7 or 8 blcks. to The Rose Garden)

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Was watching it online! Might be going downtown…

looks like a couple thousand people at least…

I wonder how the unicycle bagpiper is doing.

Yeah they were heading west into “Downtown” so they must have commandeered a bridge too.

I would imagine he is making appearances, but probably avoiding “The Mob”

They still haven’t gotten downtown yet but are off the interstate… I think they might be crossing on Burnside…

Jacques Phillip - Portland Oregon #GeorgeFloyd Protests Crowdstream 6-8: Multiple Live Streams & News, Police Scanners | Facebook.

Edit: they appear to be in the Alberta Arts District now, looks like a cool neighborhood.

Portland goes hard every night, proud to live here! lol I’m gonna invest in some tactical clothing for protesting once I get my money back up. lol

Alberta is part of what for decades was the more black part of town, and it has been going through gentrification the last 20 odd years.

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I heard someone speaking on that earlier, about being pushed out here in numbers land where I am… I get it…

There’s anti police graffiti going up everywhere along the highways, big and impressive pieces for…






Cops are just the tip of the spear in the race problems in the world. It’s everyone that is at all unsure about the other for their otherness. , let alone a whole bunch of people whose only real fault is being poor and black(being poor and white is only marginally better)…the economy has done a poor job of addressing that to date, so sometimes society has to step up and change a few things, hopefully for the better.