Portland Again Tonight

Some video from last night…


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Make sure to get some selfies.:grin:

got downtown about fourty five min ago, crazy, I think I’m stuck here til morning.

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Fuuccckkkk got stuck downtown, the train wouldn’t cross the bridge, so I hopped on a bus that said city center, which took me across the river but that was about it, then I walked like a mile… When I got here I was like behind the police line at pioneer square, they had broken the gathering in the park up and it was chaos.

I just pretended I was homeless while all the chaos was happening, like Buddah :grin:


So I spent a cool and rainy night living on the street, can’t imagine people doing it full time… I mostly took over the covered spot in front of Starbucks at Pioneer Square Then I hopped on the first train back this morning, we get to the transit center, about halfway back for me, and this guy gets on and announced they’re going to be checking tickets and to get yours out so they can scan them… First time I’ve ever seen them actually check… I immediately got up and hopped off the train since I didn’t have one… lol Then I had to wait another half hour for the next one…I averted a $175 fine though…



Not working on my mac or my android

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I added a . at the end so it wouldn’t try to embed it.

on the ground

KOIN 6 - Portland Protests | Facebook.

^^^ this camera is from where I spent most of the night last night, under the awning thing in front of starbucks…

I have several Family Members names on Bricks there. They did a fundraiser for x dollars you put a name on a brick. Lotsa gifts done that way. Happy Holidays Grandpa, I just made you immortal af!


I never got one, but I don’t fucking care, prolly can’t even read the fuckin bricks anymore!!

</faux.jaelous.meltie> Private Joke, you wouldn’t get it.

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That’s what I was going to say, immortal? It has all been rubbed smooth at this point, I’ve never noticed any names there but I do remember you mentioning it once.

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Yeah, that space is almost like 35 years old +/- And I don’t think they were top of line eternal bricks from the git go…I found my grandpas bricks once maybe 10 years after, it was already showing a lot of wear…starting to get illegible,

eta, image


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rock and roll…

Gee willikers Wally, this movement has legs.

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they totally get their walk on every night…

wow it got bigger!


That’s the I 84 interchange right before the bridge, yes?

Not sure but they are on Fremont Bridge now…