Portland Again Tonight

A Trumper made 3 laps trying to hit protesters downtown with his car last night, 3 people in the hospital I guess and the driver arrested…

This is a better view of the car that... - DeAndre Marquise.

There’s a thousand + people in front of Ted Wheeler’s supposed place downtown. The protesters have declared the area an autonomous zone and are barricading it off.

Fvcking ribbons. I love the way the sun accentuates each ribbon.

I try to avoid driving in that mess there when there’s not protests…

This could maybe become a trend… @apey, any thots?

I’m not sure what to make of this…i think this whole worldwide “movement” is certainly unprecedented, but I wonder if the movement is starting to, move less and meander more…it’s almost like there is a power, or leadership vacuum, we need another MLK (Or maybe a Rachel Dolezal? LOL j/k) to step up and corral this energy.

The police came in this morning about 5:30am, destroyed the barricade and ran them off… But they’ll be back tonight and probably doing it better. :slight_smile: They had a big barricade up though, quite a few tents…

I was downtown for awhile last night and there were 30-40 cars driving around the police station honking and waving signs, yelling, playing loud music, one had a bubble machine on top of it… :joy:

The police took the big outer fence wall down at the Justice Center and I think they got rid of the high intensity flood lights too… I’ve been posting on facebook just wait until the lawsuits pile in to the city from the permanent vision and hearing damage they’re causing peaceful protesters. Maybe someone finally got the message… not only that they were creating a big concert like event with the lights, the fence etc… hilarious…

KATU News - Mayor Wheeler helps clean up after autonomous zone is cleared outside his home | Facebook. Ted Wheeler this morning… :rofl::rofl:

That’s probably a policy decision that’s above the chief’s pay grade. Wonder what would happen if the mayor fired his ass.

lol last week

But don’t let it be a black and a white one
‘Cause they’ll slam ya down to the street top
Black police showin’ out for the white cop

And the Mayor is the police commissioner head of the police at the end of the day.

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I was sitting on the front of this statue right in front of the police station last night, smoking weed, can’t believe it’s still up… it’s an “Oregon Trail” statue with some quote by Thomas Jefferson, these two girls came up and asked what the statue was of and they thought it needed to go too. lol

Here’s one of Thomas Jefferson at Jefferson School… :grin:

This one a few blocks away needs to go too… fuck Teddy and the horse he rode in on… bigot…

And they probably died of disentary anyway.


So today I went down to Ted’s neighborhood and checked it out a little… pretty swank, his white privilege has done him well considering this is just where he slums at when his wife throws him out of the house…

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Jefferson has been the magnet school for AA’s for a lot of years.