Portland Again Tonight

What’s an AA?

I was filming the police in front of the Justice Center earlier and they didn’t like it. lol I was filming the guy in the first frame first, then after he went inside I panned back over and Tubby was staring at me… lol… then he waved… then I kept filming him… :slight_smile:

I was right across the street, smoked a joint then started filming… :slight_smile:

African American

Those two guys look like the type you may do well to avoid after lights out.

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They’re creeps, exactly the kind of cops that need to go.

Possibly so, but after years of movin’ metal, I can honestly say you can’t always tell a book by it’s cover.

I haven’t chatted with cuz in a few days, but his friends in the Bureau working this, are putting in long long hours and and getting tired and stressed out several days ago…

I’m sure the more I film them the nicer they’ll be. :slight_smile:

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“The unlawful orders apply to everyone without exception.” Unlawful orders, guess that clears that up!


And there goes George W… :slight_smile:

Better stay in your house Cletus… :grin:


You in this fb group?

What’s happening Tonight PDX


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i just saw it

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Protesters have star wars music playing around the riot stormtrooper cops…


@Billdo See if you can get your Antifa gang to pull down Portlandia, No one really likes it, at least not where it is anyway.

lol I did put a big target on the Teddy Roosevelt statue in South Park yesterday.


IMHO, Now that the BLM movement has the world stage, that it should now start moving forward and start working on a consensus to promote and work to move forward with, I think “The Revolution” is starting to get stale and redundant.Take the world stage and present solutions.


This is where I think we are getting close to.