Portland Again Tonight

I think a lot of that is already going on behind the scenes but I don’t think the protests will be ending anytime soon… also a lot more rumblings of a class war downtown as well, people are getting hungry out there…

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Whose fence? Our fence!


This shitbag is a cop too I think up in WA… another instance of the PPB friendlying it up with racist hate groups.

It’s quiet on the e coast, for now anyway.

It already started in the city, suburbia will be just as easy…

Protesters set fire to police precinct, damage businesses in Northeast Portland

Good sized turnout tonight, they burnt the flag in front of the justice center and put this Black Lives Matter sign up.


This ain’t the same group as the group that protests at the Justice Center and other police stations.

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more people than a trump rally

Did the elk own dikdiks, or something?

Nobody cared about the elk, it was just a good spot for a bonfire last night…

Portland police have their priorities…

Comfort food?:grin:

pics from yesterday


Police Union Headquarters on N. Lombard