PPB Deputy Chief claims $23 million in damages from protests but offers no proof

and no accountability… so we’re just supposed to believe another lying cop…

TBH, I probably would have guessed higher…all those broken windows and damaged inside spaces and all the miscellaneous vandalism, spray painted cars, spray painted buildings and public spaces…demolished statues etc. Didn’t you say the Apple Store guy said one of his windows was like a $1 million?

That’s their own fault though for the poor engineering, the cost was in replacing them… 23 million is bullshit, I was just down there hanging out in the park a little, watched a girl slowly but surely working on hacksawing a head off the Oregon Trail statue in front of the police station. :slight_smile:

The police are waging chemical warfare on those kids… that’s fucked up.

Copaganda video from the Portland Police… Look at the comments, everyone knows the PPB is total shit. :joy:

So in other words, Portland has spent over $23 million to protect their corrupt police from accountability. Looks like they’re willing to spend any amount to not have to hold them accountable for their actions. That’s not even counting the lawsuits for all the police brutality and tear gassing residential neighborhoods…

Did I hear right on NPR, Mayor Ted told the Federal Jackboots to gtfo?

He said he doesn’t have the authority to ask them to leave, he asked them to use restraint like they’re going to care what he says…

I did notice that Trump’s Super Troopers weren’t out last night after shooting the guy in the face causing permanent brain damage, they probably got the night off with pay for the great police work.

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Trump probably had them split up into pairs and then had them going around punching out mask wearers.