Re: Fake vs Virtual

Why are you digging at me? :joy: I’m not the one calling someone a whore.

Take the spoon off your nose and stop playing favorites.

Where did I ever say kids should be locked in cages? Atlwast I won’t vote for someone who kisses and touches kids… and the homosexual JOKE was a JOKE, I don’t think of him any less because of his sexuality, yet Oak is being serious. She’s hateful. :man_shrugging:

Oh and calling someone communist because they’re from an Eastern European country is racist…p


Yeah, I’d like a link.

I correct myself. You were advocating shooting refugees who were no physical thread.

In a thread discussing Virtual and Fake, I think the whoredom trope should be right at home. Seriously, mang.

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Is calling Melania a whore factually incorrect?

Where did I say that?
Because I didn’t.


Here you acknowedge that you did say it.


I rest my case.

I think this addresses the topic.



Your case isn’t rested. You found a link of me saying my thoughts changed, find a link of me saying shooting killing innocent people is okay.
You’re still okay with Oak being a bigot and hateful, so you’re just being an annoying POS troll

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What had your thoughts changed on, Boro? (hint: that’s a leading question)

Tear gassing civilians.l and letting them come in for asylum.

I’m not seeing that in this thread. Oak is being herself, yet you’re all up in her shit over it. I’m not seeing the bigotry part, nor am I seeing any comment by theWabbit about what he’s okay with / not okay with, from Oak.


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Calling someone a communist simply because they’re from an eastern euro country is bigotry. I stated this earlier in the thread.

Acceptance of bigotry is allowance, just like the board accepts Duke’s blatant racism. Especially if you go and defend it, like many have.

Is Duke getting his racism on again?