Review of Dune, by someone who was stoned

The spice must flow. @TheLion


He sounds like a Guild navigator cadet who flunked out AFTER becoming a squid.

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As to the movie, I saw it cold sober, and it is approximately 1283% better than the deLaurentis fiasco.

Feyd must have been hiding in the pleasure wing.


One person reviewed it saying Rabban was a hybrid of himself and Feyd-Rautha. This disturbs me because Feyd is a great deal of the problem of Paul’s existence regarding the Bene Gesserit planning. Hopefully it’s because he didn’t really have an in-person presence until the second half of the book, tho in the book there was setup between the Baron, Rabban and Feyd that maybe Denis will bring up in part 2.

Or, maybe they simply combined the two.

We shall see, someday.

Not-so-honest trailer

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I still need to see this, I liked the original Dune, not that is was exactly true to the book.

I’m having trouble trying to get an Arabic HBO account started. Seems HBO doesn’t like VPN,

Although it is frustrating getting a subscription service just to buy a movie rental… might just end up waiting until I’m out of the Cradle of Civilization.


Try myflixer, 2 weeks ago it had a cellphone recording but someone may have posted an HD version by now.

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In news that will surprise absolutely nobody, Dune Part Deux (covering the second half of the first book) was greenlit today.

So we will see in 2023 whether we burn out, or Feyd away.

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Yueh were just waiting for that one, weren’t yueh?

Hark! Own an improved sense of humor, or at least… a trade eez better than nothing.

Um, tleilaxu.

The humor here has become both arid and Baron.

Moi? De best humor is improvised.

Still garbling the punnery?

Bring it up with Benny, Jess, or it is on like Donkey Kong.

I think 1283% may have been low, I loved it. Denis is as much a fan of the book as he says. I did notice one error, and did wish Guerney’s poet/musician side could have been more explicit.

The error was when Shadout Mapes presented the chrysknife to Jessica, she draws the blade but didn’t blood it before resheathing it. Later, before the duel, the Fremen did in fact do this properly when they put their weapons away without using them.

Nine lines without a punchline. Wabbit must be ill. :grinning:

Seriously, I noticed that too. Gurney was underplayed, maybe because so many characters disappear in the first half, especially Leto and Idaho, and gurney gets more in the second.

Also, they needed to stress the duel with Jamis: it’s the pivot of the entire story.

I didn’t want to be Rabban you of a chance to get a joke in, it’s better to have a melange of humor in here.

Rautha decent of you…

Pah! Disha better comeback , or just Shaddam ya face.

(I was gonna call you El Rood dude, but that would strike to the Core, y’know)