Ring the Bell, again

Lacking WK’s presence, I paid no attention to college D3 football this year, not even the 127th iteration of the Oldest Football Rivalry West of the Alleghenies, which my alma mater plays every year to keep or regain the traveling Monon Bell trophy. Besides, I was dimly aware that the Little Giants were having a satisfactory but not remarkable year.

Thus, the final season game on Nov.13 didn’t get on my radar.

Despite getting off to a 0-21 start in the first quarter, the final score was a win, 42-35. I’ll just share this after game pic.

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Shh, don’t cum yet.

My parents’ alma mater (SoDak State U, go Jackrabbits!) just lost in the FCS semis. Last year they lost the final, so things are ok, but not as ok as it used to be ok.

Of course I’ve mentioned many times I went to an ACADEMIC institution, which means it sucks at sports.

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Wabash was both academic and athletic. That I sucked at both is part of why I only attended there for 2 years.

But even so, it’s a magical school, and you can never really leave it.