#SaveTheChildren: Making money on emotions

It’s like a Sin Tax in reverse tie a vicious rumor to one of the absolute worst kinds of human behavior, mix in authoritarian politics and here we are. What human being could possibly be in favor of child abuse?


Oh right, that Qanon deal, right? some vast worldwide elite cavern of satanic child rapers and murderers and blood drinkerers that was financed by Killaries illegal email servers and signing off on Ambassador Steven’s murder, in a pizza parlor basement and even more shit, right?

PS, Yes Pedophiles, now I think most sane people agree that this may be one of the most evil crimes out there, but I also think we know these mentally ill people are thankfully very rare…this current bizzarro fringe crazy campaign suggesting suggesting anyone registered as a democrat is involved in international child sex slavery…is too ridiculous to even believe, and yet they are, and they are getting elected into public office.

If you have not noticed a flood of pleas for #savethechildren all over the internet, I suggest you take another look.


These are aimed at the low-IQ voter, nobody with a brain would believe it.

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But these morans are getting elected to public office and lauded by the Religious Leader In Chief.Trump is helping the world go infuckingsane and you and I are quibbling over whether Biden is too “hands on”

It’s an undeniable fact that Joe likes touching kids.

Most grandparents do, doesn’t make them pedophiles, except to you. Perv.

I touched my son once when he was young…maybe I should turn myself in?