Scary... Cougar stalks man for 6 minutes on hiking trail


Why doesn’t Trump do something?

She didn’t stalk the man, he wouldn’t have seen her if she was exhibiting predator behavior.

She was getting him to back off her cubs which she was protecting.

I’m no animal expert, I just read that from biologists that don’t want to give these mountain lions a bad rep and get them killed.

The trail runner actually knew as well, he was shouting at her to get back to her babies…


I’m pretty convinced this pile I found a few weeks ago while hiking is bear shit…

That’s not bear shite, that is nero profanctus elaboratus, a fungi uncommon to the United States North West.

If you had known you would have been able to sell it on the international markets for $1600 an ounce after microwaved pasteurisation… or you could have made jam with it!

you’re allowed to say “shit” here, and to talk shit if you like. Just do it respectfully :laughing:

Elsewise, you may find yourself shat upon.


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I used to watch Cagney & Lacy, Hart to Hart and Dempsey and Makepeace when I was a pup, but I missed Apeman & Wabbit.

The way you two post is simpatico. Did Wabbit stand below your window Apeman with a boom box as the morning mist had barely cleared, or do you both just tag team the eye to one-eye?


The best comedy is usually not found on teh teevee.

Well you two certainly prove that.

Seems the green eyed monster has awoken.

cheerio lad.

Don’t be so hard on yourself, I can see a lot more entertainment value in you, than you.

Throw a barbed comment laddie, expect it back. Don’t get upset about it.

You are right, I do seem to lead you in two by two!

something something, no yuo

Hey, I just said that!

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I was just helping the lad out.

I know, but it seems your other half is taking it quite hard.

I apologise.

He’s a Scot, he is familiar with ewes.

Hey Blandy, a joke fer ye

Q: What’s the difference between a Rolling Stone and a Scotsman

A: A Rolling Stone says “Hey you get offa m’cloud”. A Scot says “Hey McLeod get offa my ewe”