So, my daughter

is early forties, empty nester, works nights as a nurse, gets home usually about 9 AM.

Posted this on FB at 11 AM

I hate when mechanics, think women are stupid. My headlight went out, normally I would have fix it myself. But I was being lazy, so I go to the shop & ask how much they would charge. The man tells me they have to take off my whole bumper to change the light. WTF? I told him no that’s not the case, I told him I have changed it before. So, short story… I asked if I could use his tools to change it myself. He told me I could & he was so sure I couldn’t do it, that he would pay me $10. Well, my light is fixed & I went to burger king with my $10.

She’s had no automotive tech training whatsoever, except from various friends and of course, YT has saved her bacon many times. The car is a 5 year old Chevy Impala. She does a lot of her own work, brakes, CV joints, exhaust, etc.

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Did she have to buy turn signal fluid?

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No but her Daddy did advise her to put new muffler bearings in on that job.

When I did the timing belt on my Miata, heads on the C6 Z06, etc etc I used lots of YouTube.
Being mechanically includes helps.
Never had a problem :grin: