...so then we drove down to the beach and went for a long walk


Ocean Towing says thank you for your business.

What’s with Oregonian’s abandoning their cars at the beach?

Oregon has some tides I tells ya. TheMrs and I were in Rockaway in June 2009, there was a low tide one morning that was about -3 ft, which to us hoomans means the water’s edge was about a quarter mile farther out than the norm.

For reference:

Here it was already comin’ back in, we um, overslept during the lowest part

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It’s usually people that are not very familiar with the ocean, and like Wabbit said the very low tides we have on occasion can expose a lot of sand than can literally have like “quick sand” spots, I walked into one once, and started to get just a tiny bit worried as I was having a very hard time walking out of it. the sand was like mush and each step was just sinking into the brine.

eta, Also, driving on the beach is verboten on probably 99% of the beach, so we’re not used to it either.

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