Software "issues"

For a lack of a better term, I used “issues”. Well, this particular one is that it won’t let me post more than 3 posts at a time. Sometimes I find great ones online.

Is this something that can be changed? It’s not like we’re on yahoo in the good old days…

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Not sure I understand the problem, having three instances of the editor open?

No I ran into that the other day, I ran across several gifs I liked so I posted 3 in the amusing gif thread no problem, on the next one I had an “error” mssg. saying I had hit my 3 posts and now had to wait for someone else to have a chance.

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The system won’t let me post more than 3 posts in a row in a thread. I have to wait like apey said…

Seems like an anti-spammer tool, but that’s not been much of an issue lately.

It hasn’t ever been much of an issue, has it?

not really, other that once in a while Jeff (Or Steve) Hanson would swoop in here and respond individually to dozens of posts in a thread, so one of us comes in and there a thread with 40 of his responses in a row.

Maybe there’s a setting that got reset with the recent server change.

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I adjusted a few things, hopefully this is fixed.


eta…nope not working yet

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I just set all the post rate limit settings to zero.

Sad part of all this is avatars of those no longer with us are also not appearing.

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SW won’t let me post in a thread if I have the last 3 posts in it. For me it’s usually the Tinyhands Meme thread.


I think I finally found this setting.


It would seem so