Software upgrade

I haven’t updated the software in awhile so there are likely lots of changes we can learn about together. lol

I’m able to view the site in Chrome again at least is the first thing I’ve noticed.

Stuff looks different.

Can the new one filter out gratuitous bickering?

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Yeah it looks like there’s a lot of little small css changes, like the reply button seems different, some of the menus are different.

Gratuitous bickering can’t be filtered out but it appears that gratuitous bickerers can be.



As far as I can tell it only filters notifications, not the poasts.

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I can still read the posts of the muted poster.

I think muting a poster only turns off the notifications of a new post from that poster in threads you’ve posted in. I don’t think this forum software allows us to “Block” Posters, otherwise none of us would see any posts when we logged in.

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