Sometimes you just have to share

in my defense, not enough sleep. 'nite. :kissing_heart:


Just one more, for now. Gots to get a shower in before bed.

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Think this is from TAS season 5

An old Jazz/Blues/Funk Classic from the 70’s that a fave radio station used to play at 5 every Friday.

comin home baby

Comin’ Home Baby (Live at the Village Gate) · Herbie Mann

At The Village Gate

℗ 1964 Atlantic Recording Corporation.

Drums, Percussion: Chief Bey
Vibraphone: Hagood Hardy
Flute: Herbie Mann

Drums, Percussion: Ray Mantilla
Drums: Rudy Collins
Recording Engineer: Tom Dowd
Producer: Nesuhi Ertegun
Recording Engineer: Phil Iehle
Composer: Ben Tucker
Composer: Bob Dorough

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shuffle dance

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When You stumble on an old fave, and wonder why has it been so long?

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There must be forty albums by Van, and not a clinker in the bunch. Not even the Nashville album.

Van at 25


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Also Sprach Zarathustra, 2001 Colorized.

Mount Hood Jazz Radio has been fire this afternoon.

Heard this on the radio the other day, now the chorus has been ear worming me. Your turn.

Happy Thank God It’s Pretend Friday!

…and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it.

Speaking of earworm, I finally watched BR last weekend and now I have this rattling in the empty brain can.


sorry, double post

Afropop, with sort of an Allmans Brothers guitar solo vibe.

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I found this gem the other day. I haven’t yet completely exhausted the catalog on the Quintette of the Hot Club of France, and a lot of stuff that Django and Stephane recorded in other formats (with vocalists and horns, say) and especially after the war. This is from 1939 though, and the vocalist is thought to be only 15 (or 18.) She’s a surprise, but what really strikes me is that this is the “hottest” recording I’ve heard of them, speaking electronically, and both Django and Stephane really smoke.