Sometimes you just have to share

Lotta clinkers out of that keytar… Of course for my money the best version of that song isn’t even his.

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I have to revisit this every year or so. It really is Clapton on uke, according my sources. 1967

Just an old homie, I used to kind of know, Orvil on the guitar, at some house party back in the old stompin’ grounds.

McCoy Tyner OMG

hmm, I thought vimeos used to auto embed here?

I hope you don’t plan on ME trying to fuck with the code at that level. I’m just a hillbilly who likes to split threads.

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Reina del Cid

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(edit: forgot to say HSPD)

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Yes, i get it, i just posted recently…fight me!

From Neil’s sometimes backing band.Promise of the real.

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For 30 years the Robinson brothers have so totally owned this song that only 3 people have had the balls to cover it.

This is the only one who matters, about 2010

3 guesses what band am I currently ocd on?

Please like me Mommy and Daddy!

rarely is the live version better for lots of artists, but Tracy hit this acoustic set out of the water

also it was coveered by an EDM artist 2 years ago,