Speaking of Big Blocks

1929 World Champion Miss America VIII

Built and driven by Gar Wood, this boat has been fully restored and has been reunited with her custom-built Miller 1,113 cid supercharched V-16 motors which produce 1800 hp apiece. This was his finest and favorite creation and as many as 600,000 would show up on race day



Cue Tim Taylor grunting noises

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That would be awesome for wake boarding!

I can almost see Professor Fate launching his torpedo at The Great Leslie.

I had to read the OP four times before I realized there weren’t 600,000 boats with Big Blocks entered into this race each year.

Yeah, sorry for the C/P bad grammar. Ed Miller was a successful builder of engines for Indy racecars in the twenties and well beyond, but they were mostly 4 cylinder. Seems he built these two engines for a boat racer with a lotta money, and they’re the only two marine engines he built AFAIK.

No apology necessary, I had a good laugh over my misread. This, and one of the dadjokes I saw over at PunHub yesterday in rabbitholesurfing, reminded me of how much I miss Bigduke.

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Gar Woods had about an 8 year run as the Speedboat King. In 1932, knowing the Brits were coming with a RollsRoyce Merlin powered boat, he put together his fastest ever boat which set a record at 125 MPH that stood until sometime in the Sixties. He defended the title in '33 and then retired.

Miss America X, also called U-10, was powered by FOUR supercharged Packard V-12 aero engines of 1237 CID each, about 20 liters per engine. The boat was a sled, weighed about 8 tons but made about 6400 total horsepower at 2000 RPM.

The video is in case you always wondered what four giant V-12s would sound like.


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