Special treat for Biglee Smols

Wasn’t sure if you’ve seen this one.


She’s so bad ass, she totally deballed that one asshole the other day lmfao.


Gotta tell ya Brohamski Jr. this made my pp hrd.

@theLastLastHolliday, keep me in the loop if Loverboy reacts, K?

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Makes my heart sink to think
trash like that may be the future of America.
Certainly one reason I no longer have any faith in the Democratic party.


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How much better it would be if negs could be recorded.

I’ll see what I can do, Apesterpal, but I don’t have to like it.

Holy cow!

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Special Delivery for Bigly Smellz…Special Delivery for
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Bigly Smellz…(not that I agree with the message)

Pic here.

You keep this up, i just might let you be my bitch.

Phil Rizzuto !


Who’s the sad lookin bitch on the right?

Of course they’re all on the right.
Just the other conservatives
just the new attention hos.

^^^ We can only imagine what Holliday looks like lmfao… speaking of attention hos… :stuck_out_tongue:

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That is MS Janet Fing Jackson!

Well, she is of the Latino persuasion. Are you really surprised?

Is she sad because Ilhan Omar’s muslim ancestors sold her ancestors into slavery in 1676 and now she wants reparations from the white man?

You’re at the wrong forum.


I’m tired of whites that constantly try to justify their racism.

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