Stories like this do not help with my Bridge-O-Phobia

Gypsy has this phobia, big time. If she’s driving and a big bridge is in the offing, she’ll pull over and make me drive while she closes her eyes.

Since the big Loma Prieta quake in '89, mrsWab doesn’t like to be stuck in traffic either on or under a bridge.

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There’s a word for that: gephyrophobia

How about on BART, under the bay?

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She hasn’t been on BART since either.

Would gephyroludophobia be the fear of playing bridge?

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It is, if you’ve got the hearts for it.

And if you don’t let yourself get Trumped.

You two dummies are gonna get clubbed if you don’t deal with it. I strongly bid no trump.

And that’s the west of that stowy.