Tasteless but still funny

Like was for sentence structure and grammar, NOT content.


I do try to be fastidious.

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And that’s whats we appreciates about you.

What do MILFs taste like?


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After an amazing 69 with his girlfriend, Kevin remembered he had a dentist appointment.

He was afraid that the dentist would smell pussy on his breath so he brushed his teeth 7 times and on top of that 2 liters of mouthwash.

As he arrived at the dentist he chewed 5 strong mints too.

The dentist told him to take a seat. Feeling confident & relaxed he opened his mouth wide.

The dentist got close enough & said, "Man did you have a 69 before you came here?”

Kevin, shocked says, “Why, No! Does my breath smell like pussy?”
The dentist says, "No, but your forehead smells like shit!”

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I groaned out load.

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Devil’s in the details, my man

Very unfair, sad!

Did you hear about the chronic masturbator who took a sick day ?

He wasn’t feeling himself.


My old buddy, Dick Groaner, says that can happen.

They told me that I would never be able to injure myself whilst masturbating.

But I managed to pull it off


The first time I saw foot porn, I didn’t like it.

So after a while I decided to give it another try, and it wasn’t half bad.

I guess I got off on the wrong foot

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Does the mrsWabbit know you post this filth? Or does she know about the Trump filth too?

Hey, rabbit’s foot pr0n is a thing.

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I’m digging this new groin-forward look. A pair these and a couple blasts of Sex Panther Cologne and I will set Karaoke on fire tonight!