That bloody metric system

I will ban celcius if I take over the world


Why?!? It’s soooo much easier than your whacked out Fahrenheit system. Freezing is 32 degrees? Abuh???

Seriously, metric. Get some.

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The whole thing is crazy




And inches and their annoying fractions

None of it makes sense

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How many bushels of coffee do you expect to harvest?

Yeah, how many pounds… errr… bushels of “coffee”?

Metric is boring.

and why should freezing (temp of water) be zero? Why not the melt point of coconut oil?

Metric has no poetry. No music.

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The Fahrenheit is more refined - the diff in 1 degree is not like the fuking grand canyon

And 17/32 is a lot easier then metric if yer used to it


I’m not sure it’s “easier” but it’s a helluva lot more powerful as math tools go. Fractions are simply AWESOME.

I worked building some machines and it was a German company who sent a German engineer to help - his head almost exploded over our sockets and nuts and bolts and machine screws, and sich - it was a riot - but he was pretty smart and got kind of used it

Fractions are awesome…said no one ever!

I prefer a system based on 10s. It’s lovely.

It is what you get used to - I worked in a shop that had both - millions of screws nuts and bolts

Getting used to metric took a bit - when I worked on metric stuff

A forklift hit the rack where it was kept and 3 million screws and sich went all over the floor - the manager took it well

12 people over a day to put it back

all I heard was a big bang and then who wants to work overtime - LMAO

Which is why people resist change for the better, because they’re used to worse

Are you speaking of metric conversion - in fucking possible

No one except mathematicians and carpenters and a lot of machinists…not to mention other sorts of creative thinkers.

You need to get out more.

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Hey - why isn’t a thousandth part of liter a thousiliter? and why does a milliliter equal a cc? It makes no sense? (tearshairsouts smiley)

Change is rarely for-the-better.

Spoon - Splitting this thread from its origins is equivalent to going metric. No poetry.

There are TWO points of contention here. First, the metric system has the appearance of being neater because the Meter is a more “abstract” standard than the “Yard” is. In addition, the division and multiplication of the abstract “standard” is cleaner and neater, being all in increments of ten. I’ll grant that this “neatness” is real and easier to figure out “across the board.” than the so-called English system of weights and measures.

That being said, the second point of contention is about the actual MATHEMATICS. Decimals are for dummies, fractions are for poets.


One can always use a denominator that is a power of 10.

I would say that is true for change that is for its own sake. Especially for those who claim to commit to such change.

You realise a fraction and a decimal are essentially one of the same right? Any decimal can be written as a fraction and vice versa.

Mathematically speaking, it’s easier for most people to work with decimals because the simple grade school rules of addition/subtraction/multiplication/division apply rather than the additional set of rules that come with fraction calculations. I would argue that metric calculations make things simpler which causes fewer mistakes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Being Canadian and the age I am (in my 30s), I grew up with both metric and imperial measures. I have no problem with feet and inches because we use it not only in construction but in our height notations. I’m 5’9" and don’t ask me what that is in meters. Weight we generally say in pounds not kilos. We use fl.oz frequently. Etc. Our temperature is in Celsius and our distance and speed is in kilometres. It’s a weird mix.