That's not a pie

THIS is a pie.



Gorgeous pie. I wouldn’t want to eat it, too pretty.

“Art Pie” is a thing now, I guess.

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I gotta buddy that really likes Pie, Ima tell him about this.

I’m guessing he’s not in the “too pretty to eat” category.

You might be right about that, now that you mention it.

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I would eat an art pie if I was interested in the filling, but since over-handling of pastry dough tends to make it less tasty I’d not expect too much. The pie in the OP is described as a black-bottom cranberry-orange pie, so I’d just enjoy the art visually.

Those are lovely. Who has that kind of time?

Hmm, Cranberry Orange might be very tasty, a sweet and sour thing, but au naturale’

Message received, friend.