The Blue Cashew Folks are having a hatefest

about CBT.

Besides myself and Spoon, please a show of posts here who knows who runs BC, who the moderators are…hell, if you even know it exists.

Please, do this for my amusement.

What’s their problem lol

Do you know who and what they are? At any level?

No idea, I have a life lol

That’s all you need to say.

Thanks! :rofl:

Huh? I don’t get it… :slight_smile:

The forum sounds like a coffee shop or nut company though…

Their hatefest is all about this forum and especially you.

And, ta ta ta ta…you don’t even know who they are!

That’s funny as shit. I wonder if anyone else at CBT knows them.


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It does sound like a coffee or nut company. :grinning:

lol wild… tell them I said to have some…


on me :joy:


Why do they hate me?

Oh god no, they’ll think there are little microchips in the drink that will turn them into communist zombies or something.

Some of them are just a tad bit…:crazy_face:

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Because you lean left, have some radical ideas and are trans.

Dovey wound them up with the photos of you saying you turn people in for being racists. I think they’re scared to lose their jobs.


lol Tell them they shouldn’t be racist then, that I said racism is a moral failure and they know it. They better hope I don’t come across them on facebook making bigoted comments.

I’m not posting there any longer.

I think it’s just a deflection because they know they’re racism is odious to good people everywhere. So they project and they fear.

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as far as being trans, I’m guessing I have a better life, I’m healthier, happier and look better than they do… they’re jealous… I’m winnin, they’re losin… it’s not my fault they were dumbfucks that did everything their parents and stupid fucking society told them to. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Dovey…want to take pictures you can scurry over to BC/SG or wherever and shriek about…here you go. Stay on this thread.




lol they can eat my ass