The Duke of York

Is fucked

he better watch out fer hills

IKR? This little kerfuffle probably just cost him the Kingdom.

…aaaand, another country heard from. :rofl:

I can’t wrap my feeble brain aroun nailing young girls

unless yer a young guy of course

WTF is with these people -

Plus keep in mind they can have the finest adult pussy anytime they want

I dunno, but the Brits have some longstanding traditions about pedophilia and pederasty. Even in the US, the Anglos are more likely to go in for those perversions than POC, wops, micks, dutchmen, indigenes, etc. are.

Have a nice day andy

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The grand old Duke of York
He had ten thousand girls
He shared this thing with Jeff Epstein
The worst thing in the world

(best I could do in a couple of minutes time)

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A comment was he was not lying when he does not remember the girl, cause he prolly screwed a 100 of them

Payback to the monarchy for the way they treated Diana. They thought she was scandalous.

It’s their sons with “let boys be boys” lifestyle that has damaged this monarchy.

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This fuck toured slums in India and stayed in a 20k a night suite

think what 20k could have done for a a few in the slums


Going to gulf states - they like 13 year olds also - shudbe a great time for all but the girls

I doubt he’s been cut from The Civil List, however.

Maybe him and lori cud share a cell

I haven’t heard this one for a while:

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He is gona get his ass dragged back to the USA

That made me laugh out loud, very loud…:rofl:

Looks like he shuda did less insertin