The Guilfoyle Challenge

Some good shit

Newsom was married to her? OK he just lost a few Apeman points.

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As smart as Gavin is (and he could be smarter), he is an oily pol and she clearly latches on to that type, and he probably saw her as a trophy at the time

It’s why I refused to vote for him.

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Anyhoosie, last week Trump was howling that Michelle’s, Obama’s, and Biden’s speeches were all taped and not given live.

Meanwhile, Guilfoyle’s and ALL FOUR of Trump’s speeches this week wiill be off of a tape (ostensibly to make sure he stays on message and doesn’t go off into the weeds).

Think about that.


Poor whiny looser babbies demand special rites.

Twisty webs n stuff.

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He’s a big disappointment. He can’t seem to keep it in his pants.

His daughter was the harbinger of this.

From wikipedia: