The latest season of The Bachelor is abruptly shut down

Apparently there was Teh Secks when the lady was too drunk to consent.

“We all feel used,” the contestant says. “We’re pissed off. People had planned their lives around this. Contestants quit their jobs for this. We all had to step away from our real lives for three weeks.


OMG OMG OMG, not secks!

So weird. The guy is an ass and should be arrested. But people who go on these shows should be forced to go to therapy or go work for Unicef, so my empathy meter is not on high right now.

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But but but I gave up my job and THREE WEEKS OF MY LIFE for a chance at attention whoring!

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I just think itd be a hoot to ride in a limo to go fetch some trendy vittles.

Not the bachelor

different show

Same shit, different title.

No it’s not - two completely different formats

don’t post bullshit


Ok one of them has either a pretty boy or girl having lifestyles of the rich and famous elimination dates with a dozen or so persons of the other gender who are also pretty.

And the other one what?

Google it

Nah, don’t wanna mess with the Google right at the moment.

then use dogpile to fetch it