The most heavily anticipated Corvette in history


This fall?

Does that thing got a Hemi in it?

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According to Siri, it will start production next summer and be a 2023 model by the time you can get one. Price will probaby start around 90K. It will be a mid-engine car with a 5.5L normally aspirated V8 making about 670 HP @ 8500 revs, so should be a screamer. 8 speed auto trans.

Wilder styling with lots of air intakes and a rear wing. Still looks like a Chevy to me, but a Chevy that wants to be a Ferrari or a Lambo.

I’m kinda dubious about this, frankly.

(Insert Tim Taylor Home Improvement grunts here)

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“I’ll add 8 superchargers!”

Considering Zora’s claim and push for the Corvette to be mid engine from the start- I approve. The front engine line was tapped out for tracking.

Also they did the flat plane crank correctly.

Here’s a video on the ins and outs of the new engine- phenomenal engine based on true pedigree of racing.

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