The old boards are going buh bye

Same with the site on the front end… will be gone in the next day or two… this board will be it.

But… but… but…posterity!!!

Well thank you for the Coffee Advisor page. I appreciate it.

Sorry man but it will be gone too, deleting the whole server…

Call me an optimist but I think that with our sordid past forever behind us we can all commit to positive change.


I keep farting like I have been all day I may have to change my pants

JJ would assert this as some sort of censorship and refuse to participate further.

(eta: the board going away thing, not the Clue farting thing)

Chili omelette for breakfast then Wendy’s chili for lunch.

What the Hell was I thinking?

I’m thinking chili dog for dinner.


Jerked pork steak with a pineapple chutney and rice

Taco night, here. New recipe, nothing processed in the meat, and it’s pretty good as well as easy.

I’m going to make enchiladas next week…Make my own sauce and tortillas.

And they wonder why coal can’t compete…

Hell I put out enough methane via my anal orifice to power a medium sized city.

Careful, you may throw off Holliday’s illegal alien tracking system.

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So they will be with Tookie now.


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I should go take screen shots of all my bookmarks to throw in people’s faces.

I love the black woman with the little white collar rocking out!

I wish I had been at that concert!