The Protesters Have Won In Portland

The protesters captured the cops US flag last night, burnt it and raised a Black Live Matters sign. The police have been mostly retreating lately and the police station downtown is completely boarded off and mostly abandoned it seems… They have it double, triple boarded up. That area of downtown will be a protest zone until there is real change. Oh and they set another police station on fire in another part of town the other night.

I understand all the rage against police.

I wonder why that autonomous zone in Seattle has had a murder already and some rapes?

No police isn’t about getting away with violent crime, right? I hope this isn’t repeated in Portalnd.

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Opportunists everywhere.

They taint the message.


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Was just down at the Justice Center and a car drove through the crowd at a high rate of speed, luckily nobody was hurt. Then we marched to city hall, someone scaled the building and took out the security cam.

Meanwhile, I planted 24 tomato plants yesterday, 6 of which are for a hanging basket. :slightly_smiling_face:

Isn’t it sort of late for tomato planting?

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It’s good there’s no racists there and all you have to worry about are your tomato plants. :stuck_out_tongue:

This was last night, we marched around the block from the Justice Center to City Hall… funny they’re concerned about the vandalism but no mention of the car that barreled through a crowd of people.

Ha! How about that douchebag that called the cops on black and brown men at the boat launching place in Stamford, CT?

Late but not too late. They were small container type plants, getting a bit tall. LOL

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Coincidentally, I used to launch a small runabout from that boat launch.:slightly_smiling_face:

So we know you’re prolly not black or brown. :grin:

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