The strategy to flip the Electoral Vote failed

Send in fraudulent “electors” claiming to be the real ones.

In some cases, the “alternate” electors sent a “notarized” ballot sheet ahead of the vote, as if that would somehow win. In other cases, knocking on the door claiming to be the official electors when they’d already checked in.

In any case, pretending to be an approved elector in a federal election is in fact an act of felony election fraud.


Well, they’re the 47th state I believe, only been a state for about 102 years, so they haven’t perfected the art of statecraft yet due to lack of practice I guess. All they’ve gotten up to so far is shooting their congresswomen in the head at rallies.

I hope Oliver Clotheshoffe wasn’t’ one of the phony electors. He wouldn’t do well in jail.

And not one single faithless elector.

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