The Wall GoFundMe edition

Then why did you say the thing you did that I called you out on?

Hint, since you still seem to “legit” not know what I was talking about, I FUCKING QUOTED YOU in the post that I called you out on. smh

You mean this?

Well digging under the border ISN’T part of the asylum process, nor is hopping the border or any other illegal way of navigating the border.

Just because YOU don’t personally agree, doesn’t make it a factual thing.

Also, I really don’t care. I was responding to a joke GoFundMe with a joke. Fax, but joke.

So you actually think these people believe that tunnels are part of the asylum process? Your idea of “facts” is pretty stupid.

Oh, hey, it wasn’t really a troll, I was just joking, heh heh.


Do you really believe I think that? :man_facepalming:

Are you ever gonna be civil, or nah? Stop calling someone a piece of shit while acting like a piece of shit.

If you’re man enough, start a thread and you can call me out and we can work through your problems. If not, kindly fuck off, mate


Calling you a POS is not acting like a POS. That is weak sauce. I get that your fee-fees were hurt.

And backing off of your troll by saying you were joking when you have been saying shit like that in seriousness is also weak sauce surrender. In other words, I don’t believe you.

So GFY and your “civility” bullshit.

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Awfully uncivil of you, mate

Fuck civility. At least I’m honest.

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Sounds like something a POS would say.

Sounds like something that someone who is trying very hard to miss the point would say. Or if one were ass-chapped at having their black heart pointed out for all to see.

What black heart? You mean the one that I always offer to help people with? The one I’ve given thousands of dollars to others with? The one where I’ve spent days off work to assist people with?

Yeah… okay

The one where you say horrible things about helpless people and continue to defend those words.

Look at you, all pretending you didn’t.

Can you quote where I said horrible things about helpless people?

I’ll wait.

Done so many times, obtuse POS troll is obtuse. If you really need information, go back to all the threads where you are called out for this, and the quotes are most likely in those threads.

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Boro’s done a fantastic job ignoring me in this thread, wouldn’t you say?

It’s still a sign of the inability to self-reflect.

You’re far too fun to simply ignore.

How anyone can call someone a piece of shit while acting like a piece of shit, and say it’s not hypocrisy is hilarious :slight_smile:

What have I done besides call you a piece of shit? Again, since you’re dense, calling someone out on something doesn’t make the CALLER that thing. I think you’re just butthurt and trying hard to execute a NO YUO. It ain’t working, POS.

I watched this movie the other day with a bunch of young urban black guys in it and several times one of them would call the other one “Nigga”, anyway…