THIS is how you run a Hail Mary when playing Hearts

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I’m guessing that that lovely load of clubs and the doubleton spades are part of your hand? With five tricks already played?

Wish I could see the whole hand, but given the score I’d go for it too, with nary a second thought.

On my bucket list is to resume playing cribbage occasionally, and hit that 29 point hand, preferably with money on the line.

It redrew the screen when I went out and back in to figure out how to do a screen grab on my phone. Sorry.

Full disclosure, this program will try to stop you from running SOMETIMES, it’s not THAT bright. But it’s smarter than the Hearts program that MS had up to Win7 by a long shot (I would usually shoot the first 3 passing hands maybe 1 out of 10 times, which is too many).

I usually get the dreaded 19-point hand all too often.

Well, you ain’t SHIT unless you get a 24, 25 pointer now and then.

Re the M$ hearts program, every iteration of it frequently cheated. As in, reneged and tended to pass me essentially the same keys I passed away.

Speaking of compulsive card playing online, I’ve finally found a decent replacement for the M$ spider solitaire that was so smooth up thru Win6. It’s not an app, you have to play it in your browser and be careful not to click the ad panel on the right or your game is gone.

Not as nice as the 99 in the OP, but…

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I’m still using the aforementioned Solitaire Bliss. It’s improved and pretty slick now.

Nothing can touch the graphics of solsuite

I actually bought the first one 25 years ago for dos

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